Dating Critic is a platform where you can find the most useful unbiased information about all types and forms of online dating. In particular, local and international dating, mail order bride platforms, dating sites, and more. We will help you learn everything about online dating as well as find the top sites that can connect you with a person you’ve always been looking for. 

About us

Our concept is based on the belief that modern technology can help everyone find a perfect match. Some may argue that there are a lot of people who spend years on dating sites without getting their dream partners, and it’s true. But we are the ones who create content that helps solve or prevent this problem. If you set your priorities, categorize the platforms, and consider the dating pools, you’ll likely succeed much faster and for a reasonable price. Such analysis, as well as finding safe sites and dividing them into categories, however, will take weeks, if not months, which is why we do it for you. Finding the right platform is half the battle, but we can also help you win another half by providing some tips and developing effective dating strategies that work for the vast majority of singles. 

How Dating Critic works

Dating Critic is mostly focused on the most complex tasks, and in the modern online dating industry, it’s finding a safe and reputable dating platform. Our team analyzes the market, creates a list of the most promising sites that can help a user find a perfect match in a particular region in their country or worldwide, as well as does background research. 

All questionable options are immediately excluded from our list, at the same time, the promising sites that already have a good reputation are carefully tested. We join each site, test the free features, upgrade our accounts and test the paid ones to help our site visitors learn everything about them without spending a penny. Our experts also collect all the information that users provide since feedback from other people helps us consider different experiences and points of view. 

That, however, isn’t our only area of focus. We also read all the latest psychological and sociological pieces of research and studies, analyze the experiences of other people, and test the newest approach to create guides that will help our readers build healthy relationships, whether online or offline. 

How do we help find a partner online easier?

Knowledge is power, meaning if you know some insights of online dating, you’re likely to find a partner faster and at a lower cost. On Dating Critic, we share such insights as: 

  1. You’ll find all the information on top dating websites without spending weeks on search and analysis of existing options
  2. We’ll tell you all about the paid features on the sites we review, so you won’t have to spend your money to find out what the value for money is
  3. Our experts will analyze the activity level on a particular site and check the profile photos to make sure the site has a minimum number of bots scammers’ profiles
  4. If you’re interested in international dating, we’ll help you choose the right country or region to look for a soulmate
  5. You’ll find psychological advice that will help you develop a good dating strategy

No matter if you’re going to date online or offline, internationally or in your own country, you’ll find all the most useful information here. 

What else can we offer our readers? 

  • Statistics and the latest studies’ results bust the most common myths that ruin relationships
  • Honest analysis of national characteristics of singles worldwide—not only pros of dating someone from another country but also the cons are mentioned
  • Tips that help overcome cultural differences
  • Description of our experience on the site—we are honest about what communicating with members was like and who you can meet on a specific platform
  • Peculiarities of dating culture in different countries

Dating Critic team

Our content is created by professionals, each with their own area of expertise. In our team, journalists, psychologists, professional writers, and editors work together not only to help a reader get the information they may need to date successfully but also to make our content easy to read and understandable. On Dating Critic, the best dating experts find and test the most promising sites for you, writing the reviews with all the most important information only. No unnecessary information. No too vague descriptions. We focus only on practical value for our readers. 

Meet our team

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